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How It Works

In order to create a competition you need to Sign Up and Log In. On main page click the button “Log In” →

You can login with your Google or Facebook accounts. Also you can click “Sign Up” →

League is the starting point for creating your first competition. You could think about it as a Federation or organization (professional or amateur) which organizes competitions. For example, English Premier League organizes a new competition every year (season). A league could be only for a particular sport kind, it means all competitions for this league will be on this sport kind.

In order to create competition, you should first create a league. You need to click the button “Create” → Competition is a championship between different teams. The same team could not participate in it twice. Enter the name of your League, choose Sport Type and save it. You can upload a photo of the league’s avatar and save it →

Click “Yes” in order to create a new Competition.

Enter the name and dates of your competition. You can add a description, friendly name, subtype and a picture for the competition badge. And finally save it. →

If you want to add a team to your competition, please, click the button Add participants →

You can add existing teams, as well as create your own teams and edit them later, using a search

You can create your own team, in order to do this press Create Participant+

Enter data about your team - start by filling in the name of the team, choose the category and save it →

In order all changes apply, press the “Save” button.

So your competition was updated successfully.

You can enter the date for news on the tab “News”


After that you can press “Generate Fixtures” and get a ready schedule →

Then press the “Save” button.

If you choose a stage type “PlayOff” and enter date, you will also be able to simulate groups →

Pressing on a blue Plus you can add more games, pressing on a gray Plus you can choose a winner. After that you need to save your competition by clicking the button “Save” on the top of this page.

You are almost ready. So the stage was successfully created.

Finally you can enter the results of the games played by clicking on the blue score of the match →

To enter your real score need to press the button “Not started” →

You can enter a score and add a period of the game.

In order all changes apply, press the “Save” button.

You can edit the date and time.

You can edit lineups.

You can manage squad

You can edit events.

It is possible to enter all important events of the game.

You can add media from this game.

It can be a title and a link with photos or video content.

Now your competition is ready. There is an opportunity to modify or update the calendar, edit your matches from the table. To add team lineups, player statistics or comments, enter the details of each match and enjoy sport.