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At EasyChamp, we understand the unique challenges that come with 2v2 eFootball gameplay. It's not just about individual skills; it's about teamwork and coordination. To succeed in 2v2 eFootball, players must develop a deep understanding of their teammate's playing style and strategies. Communication is key, as coordination can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

eFootball Championship: The Road to Success with EasyChamp

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The eFootball Phenomenon

From virtual pitches to roaring crowds, eFootball has transformed digital arenas into global stadiums. Major tournaments like eEuro 2023 and the Uefa nations cup have gripped the attention of millions, solidifying eFootball's stand in the eSports dynasty.

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The Challenge of Organization

Organizing global eFootball tournaments is no small feat. From managing qualification rounds across countries like Greece, England, and Italy to ensuring real-time updates and stats, the challenges are manifold. Platforms play an indispensable role, ensuring every goal and every match is accounted for.

eFootball's Co-operative Mode: More Than Just 1v1

eFootball stands out not only for its intense 1v1 matchups but also for its co-operative (co-op) mode. This unique feature allows players to team up, fostering camaraderie and strategy. Whether it's the fast-paced 2v2s, the dynamic 3v3s, or the traditional 1v1, eFootball offers varied modes that cater to different player preferences and team strategies. It's not just about individual skills; it's about how well you can collaborate with teammates and outsmart opponents as a united front.

EasyChamp: Revolutionizing eSports Organization

Enter EasyChamp – our vision is crystal clear: to make eFootball tournament organization a breeze. With an AI-powered platform, we offer an end-to-end solution that's become a game-changer for local clubs, leagues, and communities. From scheduling to real-time stats, EasyChamp ensures everything runs like clockwork.

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A Season of Intense Rivalries: The Rating Competitions

This season, from September 2023 to August 2024, EasyChamp presents an intense lineup of competitions with a robust rating system. Spanning over five rating competitions, the season culminates in the 6th Global online competition, a stage set for the best players based on their ratings. These ratings are meticulously calculated based on performances in the EasyChamp UEFA CL. And the journey to the championship isn't easy. For instance, the September UEFA CL qualification witnessed a staggering 180 players registering, with top professional players like Indominator, Panosboul-26, Clapped, AlexAlguacil8, and Mucahit vying for glory.

Collaborations and All-Inclusive Approach

Our journey saw significant partnerships, including our collaboration with MRFIX and the Azerbaijan eSports Federation. Our all-inclusive approach goes beyond just match management. With live YouTube streams offering commentary of top matches and expansive social media promotions, we ensure every goal and save is celebrated globally.

Snapshot from YouTube stream with commentary
Captivating moments from the MRFIX championship live stream.

Meet the Stars

eFootball isn't just about the game; it's about the players who've become legends. Players like Arda, Mestre, Ziloooo, and Indominator are more than just digital athletes. They're inspirations, showcasing the pinnacle of professional eSports with their exceptional skills and strategy.

  • Arda's Photo Arda - The midfield maestro.
  • Mestre's Photo Mestre - The defensive stalwart.

eFootball Co-Op Leagues & PES Tournaments

EasyChamp is your gateway to competing in eFootball co-op leagues. These leagues are all about teamwork and collaboration. Our platform emphasizes "co-op leagues," providing you with the ideal environment to showcase your collective abilities. Teams that can master the art of coordination often rise to the top in these leagues, and EasyChamp is here to support your journey to success.

Experience the thrill of eFootball PES teamwork tournaments with EasyChamp. These tournaments are a true test of your teamwork skills. Success hinges on how well teammates can complement each other's strengths and cover for weaknesses.

Play Cooperation eFootball with EasyChamp!

Our platform emphasizes the challenges and joys of team-based competition, providing you with the tools and support to excel in this exciting world. Whether it's 2v2 gameplay or co-op leagues, cooperation is at the heart of success in eFootball.So don’t waste any time and learn about our supportive features and competition management systems.

Connecting with Communities

At EasyChamp, we understand the power of community. Our platform is tailored for both online and offline games, resonating with the spirit of local clubs and communities. Our vision extends beyond just being a platform. We aim to be a bridge, connecting communities and fueling their passion for eFootball and beyond.